Long-term development vision:  

PNG Vision 2050 

Vision: PNG will be a smart, wise, fair and happy society by 2050 

Pillars: Human Capital Development, Gender, Youth and People Empowerment; Wealth Creation; Institutional Development and Service Delivery; Security and International Relations; Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change; Spiritual, Cultural and Community Development; and Strategic Planning, Integration and Control 

Papua New Guinea Development Strategic Plan (PNGDSP) 

Vision: Papua New Guinea will be a prosperous middle-income country by 2030 

Pillars: Integral human development; equality and participation; national sovereignty and reliance; natural resources and environment;  


Medium-term development plan:  

Medium Term Development Plan (2018-2022) 

The Medium Term Development Plan III (MTDP III) captures the main thrust of the Alotau Accord II and sets the Goal of “Securing our future through inclusive sustainable economic growth” by focusing on key investments to further stimulate the economic growth in the medium term. The key priorities of the Alotau Accord II are (1) inclusive Economic Growth with renewed focus in Agriculture, (2) continuing with Infrastructure development, (3) improvement of quality of Health Care, (4) improvement of quality of Education and Skills Development, and (5) improvement of Law and Order. 


Other development plans: 

National Strategy for Responsible Sustainable Development for Papua New Guinea 2014 

To promote a responsible sustainable use of the natural and cultural resources of the country for the benefit of the present and future generations. 

Pillars: Atmosphere and Climate, Land, Biodiversity, Built Environment, Coastal and Marine, Culture and Heritage, Inland Waters 

Strategy for the development of statistics 2018-2027 

National Population Policy 2015 - 2024