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Long-term development vision: 

  • Development Cooperation Plan 2030
    • A Paraguay in which everyone can live with dignity, with a democratic, supportive and transparent State that promotes individual freedom and equal opportunities, through a broad alliance between an Open Government, socially responsible private companies, and a civil society active.
    • Pillars: reduced poverty; inclusive and growth economy; strengthen policies and institutions; projection of Paraguay in the world


 Medium-term development plan: 

  • Institutional Strategic Plan 2019-2021
    • Vision: Coordinate and promote the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of sustainable development with an inclusive approach
    • Objectives: Public Value Perspective: consolidate the national planning system with a territorial and sectoral approach to ensure compliance with government priorities and their long-term articulation; Perspective of internal processes: strengthen the processes to guarantee the fulfillment of the institutional objectives; Learning and growth perspective: promote the development of human talent with practices that guarantee justice, equity, inclusion and transparency in the people management process.


Other development plans:

  • Fourth National Open Government Action Plan of Paraguay (2018-2020) 
    • Objective: constitutes a platform in which commitments have been co-created, introducing the principles of open government in 17 thematic areas, which make up a broad spectrum of public policies closely linked to development objectives, in the understanding of that these principles, fundamental pillars of a democratic society, can contribute decisively to improving the quality of public policies.
    • Pillars: citizen participation, education, anti-corruption, climate.