Rwanda's Action Dialogue 2021: Development Partners Retreat


Action Dialogue Status: Completed


Rwanda hosted its Action Dialogue as part of the 2021 Rwanda Development Partners Retreat (DPR) titled 'Stronger Recovery - the path to strategic transformation'. DPR is an annual two-day retreat bringing together senior-level stakeholders to review and discuss Rwanda’s development trajectory and progress in implementing the National Strategy for Transformation (NST). It is the highest level of dialogue in the development coordination architecture between the government and development partners, including bilateral and multilateral donors, development finance institutions, philanthropic organizations, as well as private and civil society.

The retreat deliberations focused on these three questions:

  • What are the key impacts of the pandemic on the economy, the environment, and Rwandan society, and what have been the key achievements and challenges to implementing the National COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan?
  • What are the key strategies and recommendations for reinvigorating and pivoting the economy to regain momentum toward the transformative agenda established by Vision 2050 and the National Strategy for Transformation (NST1);
  • How can strong partnerships be consolidated and coherent implementation of key policies and strategies for effective development cooperation between GoR and its Development Partners be more accountable?

The DPR took place in the wake of far-ranging impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic on Rwandan society and the economy, and at a critical inflection point between Vision 2020 and Vision 2050 serving as Rwanda’s guiding development vision and at a mid-term of the first period of the NST (2017-2024). Rwanda is also elaborating an Integrated National Financing Framework. The Government of Rwanda recognizes that in order for genuine transformation envisioned under these plans and strategies to succeed, the promise of inclusive partnerships with all stakeholders will need to be fulfilled.

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