Development co-operation policy:   

  • Seychelles Strategic and Land Use and Development Plan 2040. 
    • This Seychelles Strategic and Land Use and Development Plan 2040 is a multi-sectoral policy document, which sets out the long term spatial planning framework for the country up to 2040.  
    • Vision: An inclusive, proud, happy and healthy Island Nation with a resilient economy and a pristine environment which provides an attractive place to visit, invest, work and live. 
    • The Plan has identified strategies for enhancing agricultural production and protecting environment and agricultural land. The release of agricultural land for development will not be permitted unless: 
      • 1) The land does not form part of a viable agricultural unit and is not capable of productive agricultural use
      • 2) The release of land for alternative development would not impact on the productivity of any remaining or adjacent agricultural land holding
      • 3) There are firm proposals for existing viable agricultural activities to be relocated to an alternative site of equivalent quality. 


Aid Information Management System (AIMS):   


Development co-operation reports:   

  • Government of Seychelles’ Budget Report 2022 
    • Provide information on growth, development on a global scale and local implications, allocation of resources in the framework of the country’ strategic priorities and statistics outlining progress made in the year 2021 


Development cooperation mechanisms:   



Level and actors   

Objectives and related policies   

Resource Mobilization Strategy 


National level:  

Ministry of Finance, National Planning and Trade 


The Resource Mobilization Strategy will ensure that enough resources are available for the duration of the NDS. In the area of international cooperation it aims to encourage bilateral assistance to improve Seychelles’ relationship with international financial institutions (IFIs). 


SIDS Partnerships 


International level 

As a contribution to the SIDS Partnership Framework and as a contribution to the follow-up of the SAMOA Pathway implementation, UNESCO engaged in various partnerships that benefit its SIDS member states. These partnerships benefit from UNESCO’s unique multi-disciplinary expertise in natural sciences, culture, education, social sciences, communication and information, in order to address the multiple challenges facing SIDS. To implement actions linked to these partnerships, the Organization is working in collaboration with governments, civil society, regional bodies, other UN and international organizations, among others. 


Agency for National Human Resource Development (ANHRD) 


National Level 

The agency promotes human resource development in Seychelles to improve national skills and create a framework for the development of human capital. 

The National Assembly of Seychelles 

National Level 

Governmental and political actors 

To ensure the efficient functioning of the Legislature by delivering a service that adheres to the highest ethical standards, upholds and maintains the dignity of the National Assembly in the execution of its Constitutional duties and responsibilities.  The National Assembly aims to provide a service to the people of Seychelles by the following:  

Promoting and ensuring the participation of the People in the decision-making process. 

Advocating innovative ways to sensitize the public on the role and functions of the National Assembly.  

Providing support services to Members to effectively fulfill their constitutional responsibilities.  

Maintaining, developing, and strengthening the National Assembly’s Inter - Parliamentary relations. 

Providing the highest level of advice, research and administrative services to Members for the effective functioning of the National Assembly. 

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the two other branches of Government. 

Leading in sustainable development.