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Long-term development vision:  

Sudan’s Long Term Development Vision (2022-2040): 

“Sudan 2040” (in progress as of May 2021

The Twenty-Five-Year National Strategy (2007-2031) 


  • Promote freedom, democracy, justice, rule of law, freedom of expression and social justice 
  • Modernize the country 
  • Achieve sustainable peace and development 
  • Address economic challenges, resort to peaceful conflict resolution, and protect Arab and African security 
  • Modernize the armed forces and provide human and material support 
  • Conduct law reforms 


Medium-term development plan: 

Sudan Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper 2021-2023 

Implementation of appropriate policies in favor of macroeconomic stability, sustained growth and poverty reduction. 


Other development plans: 

The Five-Year Programme for Economic Reform 2015- 2019 

Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper. 

Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper is a national multi-sectoral strategy paper of Sudan. Its main objective is the reduction of poverty in Sudan and providing the road map for the elaboration and implementation of the full Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper. 

National Adaptation Programme of Action 

In order to offer an effective basis for urgent and immediate action to reduce the mounting risks of climate change on the nation’s most vulnerable communi