Action Dialogue Status: Completed




Togo proposes to focus its dialogue on the theme: "Accelerating ongoing efforts for more effective co-operation for development, based on previously agreed plans/roadmaps"



The overall objective of this dialogue is to organize a series of discussion meetings between the government and development partners, and to reflect on the challenges and opportunities to improve the effectiveness of co-operation and partnerships. 

Specifically, this will involve : 

  • Conducting a dialogue with the public sector (representatives of ministries and institutions of the Republic)
  • Conducting discussions with the technical and financial partners
  • Conducting discussions with the private sector
  • Conducting discussions with academics
  • Conducting discussions with CSOs, foundations, unions
  • Develop, validate and finalize Togo's 2021 Action Dialogue report


The dialogue is divided into three phrases:

Phase 1: Preparatory meetings for the dialogue will be held with groups of junior and senior experts identified: These preliminary sessions will make it possible to have the draft reports of the dialogue.

Phase 2: Meetings in thematic groups between development actors identified as resource persons: These will allow for discussion of the themes and amendment of the draft reports;

Phase 3: The reports resulting from the group work will be compiled into a single report for Togo. This report will be validated at the national level. To do this, a one-day validation workshop will be organized.


Key Issues and Next Steps

The series of discussions that constituted he Action Dialogue in Togo were organized around the four principles of effective development cooperation: country ownership, focus on results, inclusive partnerships, transparency and accountability.

Following the series of meetings, the Government and development actors agreed on the following actions to address the issues that had been addressed under each of the four principles of effective development cooperation.  Read the Action Dialogue Summary here.


For more information, read the concept note (FR, EN) and report attached.