Togo's Action Dialogue 2021: Accelerating Ongoing Efforts for More Effective Co-operation

GPEDC • 8 November 2021

Action Dialogue Status: Completed




Togo proposes to focus its dialogue on the theme: "Accelerating ongoing efforts for more effective co-operation for development, based on previously agreed plans/roadmaps"


The overall objective of this dialogue is to organize a series of discussion meetings between the government and development partners, and to reflect on the challenges and opportunities to improve the effectiveness of co-operation and partnerships. 

Specifically, this will involve : 

  • Conducting a dialogue with the public sector (representatives of ministries and institutions of the Republic)
  • Conducting discussions with the technical and financial partners
  • Conducting discussions with the private sector
  • Conducting discussions with academics
  • Conducting discussions with CSOs, foundations, unions
  • Develop, validate and finalize Togo's 2021 Action Dialogue report


The dialogue is divided into three phrases:

Phase 1: Preparatory meetings for the dialogue will be held with groups of junior and senior experts identified: These preliminary sessions will make it possible to have the draft reports of the dialogue.

Phase 2: Meetings in thematic groups between development actors identified as resource persons: These will allow for discussion of the themes and amendment of the draft reports;

Phase 3: The reports resulting from the group work will be compiled into a single report for Togo. This report will be validated at the national level. To do this, a one-day validation workshop will be organized.


For more information, read the concept note and report attached.