Development co-operation policy:

National Aid Management Policy

  • Main pillar: To provide direction for the government to coordinate and manage all development assistance flows to enhance the overall effectiveness of the assistance to achieve national development outcomes.
  • Strategic objectives
    1. Government leadership of development cooperation and management
    2. Government coordination of external assistance with development partners and line ministries
    3. Improved planning and predictability and development resources
    4. Increased efficiency and effectiveness of how development assistance is delivered
    5. Improved reporting of use of external assistance (off budget and on budget)
    6. Gradually decreasing amounts of off budget support


Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 



Development co-operation reports: 

Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (2017)

  • The Monitoring and Evaluation (2017) details the strategic context behind the goals and policy objectives of the National Sustainable Development Plan 2016-2030

Development Reports Vanuatu


Development cooperation mechanisms: 

Mechanism Level and Actors Objectives and Related Policies

National level: Three units that are involved in development assistance coordination and management

  • Policy Unit comprised of the Sector Policy Analysts
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Uni
  • ACNU

Provide high-level policy and adminstrative support to the Prime Minister, COM and DCO, coordinate major initiatives, and ensure a professional, responsive, and high performing department. 

Implement the NSDP, Vanuatu 2030, through coordination of Government strategic policy, planning and budgeting processes, and improve evidence-based decision-making.

Establish common structures and standards for effective monitoring and evaluation to improve efficiency, effectiveness and resilience of service delivery.

Coordinate donor resources to align with national objectives.