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To enable mutual learning and sharing of insights across practitioners and policy makers, the Global Partnership leads a set of online engagement initiatives.

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The year 2020 marks the beginning of a ‘Decade of Action’ towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the global context for development and is threatening past achievements and hard-won development gains.

The solidarity that brought the global community together to create the SDGs is needed now more than ever. To this end, improving the quality of development co-operation and the effectiveness of development partnerships to implement the SDGs is imperative. Learning from the experience of different countries across the globe on how to best partner and work together will be key to enable and encourage all actors to use policies and tools that help achieve national development priorities, and the SDGs by 2030. 

Against this backdrop, the Global Partnership is organizing a global webinar series on different aspects of effective development co-operation at country level to enable mutual learning and sharing of insights across practitioners and policy makers and to cultivate a stronger community of practice on effective development co-operation. The webinars target a broad multi-stakeholder audience from partner country and development partner governments to parliamentarians, civil society and the private sector who are engaged in development co-operation. They are promoted widely through the Global Partnership network and open to all interested participants.

Past Webinars

Effectiveness in Action: Current Perspective on Partnerships, Challenges & Solutions at Country Level 
(22 October, 2020)

The webinar brought together 200 participants from different stakeholder groups and corners of the world. lt focused on partner country perspectives on the most pressing effectiveness issues, challenges and lessons learnt in the evolving development co-operation partnership and COVID-19 landscape.

The Power of Parliamentarians: Opportunities & Challenges for Effective Development Co-operation
(30 March, 2021)

Close to 100 parliamentarians and other stakeholders attended the experts' webinar which highlighted the role of parliaments in accountable, inclusive, participatory, and transparent governance that is necessary to help ensure development co-operation is effectively delivered and utilized to maximize sustainable development impact.

Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue in a Digital Time: Strengthening CSOs' Enabling Environment 
(6 May, 2021)

In the margins of the 2021 Development Co-operation Forum, the Global Partnership’s Action Area 2.4, working towards strengthening effective civil society partnerships, hosted a webinar with civil society members from 45 countries in attendance. The webinar highlighted how the pandemic, for better or worse, has altered the ways CSOs gather to discuss experiences in multi-stakeholder dialogues. 

Does 'effective' development cooperation really deliver development? What can research tell us? 
(17 June, 2021)

A distinguished panel of researchers gathered on a virtual roundtable to highlight research around when and why effective development co-operation works as well as identify research gaps and challenges.

Sharing best practices to address data in development dialogue: Exploring what effective support for statistical capacity and data looks like
(23 June, 2021)

The Global Partnership in collaboration with the Bern Network on Financing Data for Development hosted a workshop for countries to exchange and share their good practices and common challenges to address data and statistics in development dialogue. Government officials and National Statistical Office (NSO) representatives from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Madagascar, Mali and Rwanda presented their structures and mechanisms for coordinating data in development cooperation and shed light on ways to more effectively resource data and statistics, both domestically and through support from development partners.

Amplifying COVID Recovery in LDCs: Effective Partnerships for Leaving No one Behind
(15 July, 2021)

During the 2021 UN High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) and in the lead up to the 5th UN Conference on Least Development Countries (LDC5), the Global Partnership hosted a side event for 90+ participants around the importance of effective, inclusive ‘whole-of-society’ partnerships and for amplifying COVID-19 response in LDCs. Partners’ contributions focused on the Partnership’s 'Action Dialogues' initiative, looking at how different ways of convening diverse stakeholder groups can ensure that no one is left behind as we begin the ‘Decade of Action’. 

#LiftUpPhilanthropy: Boosting local philanthropy to make aid localisation a reality
(23 September, 2021)

Jointly organized by WINGS (leading Action Area 2.5) and SDG Philanthropy Platform, this webinar offered a space to reflect on how organisations developing philanthropy at the local level could bridge the gaps between the intention of channelling assistance to local actors and the actual delivery of long-term, sustainable, locally-built solutions. The discussion focused on examples of successful support for local resource mobilisation including alternative funding models.


From Agreement to Action: Kampala Principles Guide the Way to Effectively Engage the Private Sector at the Local Level 
(24 September, 2021)

On the margins of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, companies and development partners exchanged on their experiences in implementing the Kampala Principles for Effective Private Sector Engagement in Development Co-operation in Uganda, Bangladesh, Colombia, and the Philippines. The discussion took place at a dedicated session at the UNDP’s Business Call to Action Forum ‘Inclusive Business at the Nexus for Recovery’.

The Principles & the UN Funding Compact: Towards an ‘Effective’ Multilateral System
(18 November, 2021)

The Global Partnership hosted close to 100 multi-stakeholder partners in a webinar to explore how the effectiveness principles of country ownership, focus on results, inclusive partnerships, and mutual accountability and transparency, apply to the Funding Compact.  

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