23rd Steering Committee meeting of the Global Partnership


The summary of the 23rd Steering Committee meeting is now available here.


Key Meeting Documents

  • Agenda (ENG, FR)
  • Outcome Document of the Summit, zero draft: DAY 1, Session 1 (ENGFR)
  • Monitoring Background Document: DAY 1, Session 2 (ENG, FR)
  • Action Area Table: DAY 2, Special Discussion (ENG, FR)
  • Bern Call to Action: DAY 2, Special Discussion (ENG, FR)
  • Updated Governance arrangements and Proposals for a new GPEDC Delivery Model: DAY 2, Session 3 (ENG, FR)
  • GPEDC Summit Publication Outline: DAY 2, Session 4 (ENGFR)
  • Summit Programme: DAY 2, Session 4 (ENG, FR)


Additional Background Document

  • Room Document - Benin Workshop: Day 1, Session 2 (ENG, FR)
  • JST Funding Note Updated July 2022 (ENG)